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Finding the right professional to take care of your roof repair in North Miami Beach is one of the most important tasks to cross off your to-do list. No business or homeowner wants to deal with roofing repairs and it doesn’t even have to be a big issue as you thinks of. It definitely depends upon who you choose to take care of your repairs.

As the top roof repair company in North Miami Beach, Freddy the Roofer is your first and best choice for professional and quick roof repairs and restoration.  We have been providing our clients throughout the North Miami Beach area our unmatched response time and expert roof repair services.  Our professional and trained roofing experts in Freddy the Roofer can identify the source if your leak and explain in logical terms the best option for long-term roof repair. We will provide you with a comprehensive roofing report so that you can make a well-versed decision and also we will always provide you with honest pricing so you will never experience any unwelcomed surprises.


We are professional in restoring and repairing roofing systems and are always willing to stand behind our work in writing. We have the best and the most professional roofing experts and we provide 100% guarantee on all our roofing repairs. We not only replace your roofs we, in fact, but also prolong their life with our best roofing techniques. We know that there is nothing to laugh about leaking roofs and they can cause serious damage including drywall, wood and mold repairs. Our contractors are affordable and fully licensed and approved by the major manufacturers to perform warranty and roof leak repairs.


Most of the roofs in the North Miami Beach area get replaced many years early because the roofing companies look to sell roofs not repairs. We believe in roofing restorations and repair and we always suggest the best option for our clients.  Just because your roof is leaking or looks old doesn’t mean that it cannot be repaired. We will repair your roof and it will last for many more coming years. Let our team of professional roofers handle everything related to your roof. If you want to know more about us give us a call anytime at (954) 278-8638.